About Multimedia Crisis

After several years of experience "working on" multimedia I have realized that multimedia goes beyond graphics and text, video and music, interaction now depends on new ways to see the world, it is strongly necessary that multimedia developers get a wide vision of new generations.
We growed up with atari, Texas Instruments TI994A and Nintendo but I was borned watching B&W TV, I still remember my surprise watching the colors of Bert And Ernie when color arrived home (Colombia 1980), now suddenly being a teenager´s father everything changes, in a matter of 10 years world has changed faster than before, so I decided to create this blog, to try to understand new waves of perception, to be tolerant and to have respect with different ideas, I don´t think it is the same crisis lived by my parents in the early 80´s, it is more complicated...
Remember the Bruce´s song "57 channels but nothing on", well, now we have thousands of channels and we still have nothing on.


  1. Probando, probando, ojala la mezcla de tecnologia y concepto sepan llevarse de la mejor manera


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