Balance between Theory, Research and Practice

first approach:
Talking to a friend of mine, I began to worry about balance between Theory and Practice, these items from Public University perspective, he says "for a researcher, students are not important to University system", he says that first of all, researching and academic production has to be made and then he will care about students.
From my point of view, I strongly believe in students as a column of our academic work, we can not say that bachelor´s students don´t participate in academic development, we have to give and spread respect and confidence to them so we will receive good interaction and fresh ideas, not only focusing on theory but in real life too.
Practice makes masters!!!


  1. I am very glad to find this comment. I confess i realize that the classrooms are a very good scene to work on knowledge transformation and we should work on the organic integration between researching, social projection (analog to professional practicing in terms of the connection with social reality) and teaching. We should conceive it as a whole in the knowledge transformation process. After the recognition of phenomena like hybridization (among others in the last three decades) we could say there is a big and indeterminate cloud of possibilities of balance manifestation, or maybe the balance paradigm is mutating into flow paradigm, or maybe these are complementary concepts... i say: about a century ago the idea of "relation" is being explicit as a way to interpret and build meaning around "the real", in other words this is what some philosophers called the construction of social reality. This kind of theoretic distance is necessary to make knowledge explicit and to activate the relation with practical or tacit or sensible knowledge and so on. Theory is the possibility of practice and practice determines new forms of theory so here is this Jorge Sarquis citation: "... or because they (designers) choose the theory, or the theory choose them and operates on them unknowingly"...


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